Gear Of The Week:

Enjoy listening to music whilst your ski or board but hate having to get your ipod out everytime you want to change a track or speak to your friends???

SpeedAura……..Music at your speed!!

SpeedAura plays your music when you’re moving, and pauses when you pause. Running and need to cross a road? Skiing or snow boarding and pause to talk to a buddy? You don’t need to pause the music or take out your earbuds anymore! SpeedAura pauses and restarts automatically for you!

SpeedAura works great for any moving sport – biking, running, skiing, boarding and more. SpeedAura uses your iPhone’s built-in GPS unit to find your speed and then whenever you drop below a user-definable minimum it automatically pauses your music. Cross the road more safely and no need to fiddle with music when you talk to another snowboarder. Get SpeedAura today!


About Powder White Ltd

Ski Holiday Accommodation from Chalets to Hotels & Apartments in popular skiing destinations including courchevel, val d'isere, verbier, meribel, st anton covering the ski slopes of France, Austria & Switzerland. Book your chalet online today or call 44(0)20 8877 8888
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