New Ski Holiday Website for Mobiles

Powder White Releases Mobile Web Site to help mobile users find ski holiday accommodation in the Alps

Mobile Ski HolidaysThere is no doubt that mobile Internet usage is on the rise and recent surveys such as the ‘How technology is changing world travel’ by suggest that as much as 2/3 of those surveyed said they are likely to explore, shop & book travel via their mobile. Furthermore, Google projects that 8% of mobile users will book travel from their smartphone.  Even Powder White’s own data suggests that over 10% of visitors to their website did so from a mobile device which represents a significant number of overall visitors.

With this thought in mind, Powder White has now released a ski holiday website designed specifically for mobile phones. Powder White’s SEO guru from a London SEO Company added “We wanted to deliver a useful experience to the end user, hence we created the mobile site to meet the needs of mobile users. However, as there are a multitude of devices now accessing the Internet, we also tweaked the main Powder White website in order to deliver a rich experience for tablet users also”

The Powder White mobile website was designed with simplicity in mind prioritising core values such as information, usability and speed at the top of the agenda in order to deliver a useful experience for mobile visitors. The mobile website features a brief introduction to the Powder White product line and allows visitors to quickly & easily find ski holiday accommodation in the Alps. When smartphone users visit the powderwhite website, they are automatically redirected to the mobile version of the website but the visitor can also browse back to the main website if they wish.

About Powder White Ltd

Ski Holiday Accommodation from Chalets to Hotels & Apartments in popular skiing destinations including courchevel, val d'isere, verbier, meribel, st anton covering the ski slopes of France, Austria & Switzerland. Book your chalet online today or call 44(0)20 8877 8888
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